TINY&mighty toddler & parent ~ workshops

TINY&mighty – Movement  & Sound to empower toddler & parent

TINY&mighty Movement & Sound is a workshop aimed at joyfully supporting parents with their toddlers. A unique opportunity to empower and nurture our sensing, dancing body & soul, whilst supporting our child’s autonomy. We dance through release technique, developmental movement, structured improvisation, contact and voiceTINY&mighty is carefully structured and tuned to the group and the moment, collectively we keep a sharp focus and dynamic momentum that nourishes the movers and those who weave in and out. Whether we move together or our little ones follow their own path, we stay present to each sound and movement, all welcome as dance partners. TINY&mighty can be a liberating, fun, safe oasis for both parent and child … a little piece of the village tribe we all seek!


wow this is soooo much more than just a dance class …


WHAT YOU can expect:
* for toddlers (from walking – upto 4yrs) & parents/carers, class in english (& basic dutch)    * a fun, physical way to deeply connect to yourself & your child through movement
* clear tools to release tension, to ground & direct your energy
* playful space for your child to explore their body, space & rhythm & their creative instinct
* warm & supportive environment for ALL LEVELS of dance/movement experience
* guidance from a teacher/dancer/researcher of more than 20years experience & a mother
* a light, clean & child friendly space guaranteed

CONTACT:                                                                                                                           TINY&mighty workshops are for children & parents, care givers & organisations, kindergardens, community initiatives, educational insitutes, children festivals and arts & culture initiatives. To book a workshop or course and discuss your needs please email: sarah.k.gardiner@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TINY&mighty is led by dance artist and mother Sarah Kate Gardiner, assisted by toddler Noah Benjamin Ray. This methodology has been tested during a research period and developed further through feedback and dialogue with engaged parents & toddlers. First born as a mama & baby group in 2014, co-initiated with mother/theatre maker Jasmin Hasler. This workshop is loosely inspired by the book ‘The Continuum Concept’ by Jean Liedloff and TINY&mighty Tuesdays, a private class that runs in collaboration with a small anthroposophic day care in Amsterdam.


?Questions?: sarah.k.gardiner@gmail.co
More info: www.sarahkategardiner.com