TINY&mighty ~ toddlers

TINY&mighty Winter Solstice 2016

TINY&mighty Winter Solstice 2016/ photo credit: Yoo Mi Lee

TINY&mighty – movement & voice to empower toddlers

TINY&mighty is for big tiny people to celebrate their physical body and instinctual nature through movement, voice and somatic play. We explore our 5 senses to say hello to Space, Rhythm and Touch and how all this can lead into our dance. From a group circle to dynamic pathway we stay awake to the present. Together we close with the power of being seen – where the children are free to be performer or audience. TINY&mighty supports every child to feel at home in their body, play with autonomy and nourish group relationship through a dialogue of dance.

“wow this is sooo much more than just a dance class”

                                                                                                                                          TINY&mighty methodology has evolved during a research period and developed further through feedback and dialogue with engaged parents & toddlers. First born as a mama & baby group in 2014, co-initiated with Jasmin Hasler.

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