TOURIST: Site-Specific Dance Workshop

TOURIST is a two-day intensive dance workshop offering a tool kit for site-specific performance. Like a tourist, we take a fresh perspective on familiar and new places.  We will share some core principles of the Steal A Moment methodology, learning to read and unwrap the creative potential of any location. What can the typical neutral space of a dance studio offer? You’d be surprised!

Steal A Moment @PUNCH! Festival

Steal A Moment @PUNCH! Festival

We enter the work by aligning with our innate core power, sharpening intention and directing refined energy through the body into motion. Through awareness exercises, physical set tasks and structured improvisations we squeeze, expand and shift a charged space. We practice using specific tools inspired by the methodology of Steal A Moment to first read and atune to the creative potential of the studio, considering the skin and bones of each detailed space. From the belly of the dance studio the participants and their tool kit will venture further into the skeleton of the building. Every dancer will experience being witness and performer, gaining insight from both perspectives. We’ll dance with diverse   spaces, from corridor to kitchen sink to expand beyond to the wonder of the outside world!

Steal A Moment Research & Development

Steal A Moment

With her infectious energy and humour, Sarah Kate leads TOURIST, supporting, guiding and encouraging participants to dive into the nooks and crannies of the location and their own movement material. FOR adventurous movers, dancers, actors, mimers, dance/theatre makers and those with a keen interest in the body and spatial environments. Tailor-made for either professional and advanced students or open level. TOURIST workshops have taken place at Area59, Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansimprovisatie Utrecht and Oudot Kuviot New Dance Festival, Finland

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Thank you for a very playful, inspiring (TOURIST) dance workshop. I’ve learned so much, almost impossible to keep track of all the ideas, thoughts, inspirations, possibilities, impressions, in one word: WONDERFUL … I should add: let’s have more of this!

                                Participant, T’ai Chi Teacher & dancer/improvisor                                 TOURIST @Dansimprovisatie Utrecht

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