TINY&mighty Winter Solstice 2016

TINY&mighty Winter Solstice 2016/ photo credit: Yoo Mi Lee

TINY&mighty – Movement & Sound to empower toddlers

TINY&mighty Movement & Sound is a weekly class to empower toddlers of anthroposophic playgroup Het Speelateljee and friends. An intimate supportive class aimed at expanding each childs range of physical and somatic play through sound-voice-dance improvisation and developmental movement. We offer a clear experiential frame to encounter themes of space, time, touch, dynamics and rhythm whilst allowing physical freedom to explore a wide range of body senses and musicality. The class is influenced by movement & voice improvisation, dance theatre and contact improvisation. TINY&mighty is carefully structured and tuned to the group and the present moment, whilst each week builds on the previous. This is a fun opportunity for your child to feel good in their body, build physical and emotional confidence, honour their natural instinct and nurture their social being!

“wow this is sooo much more than just a dance class”