TINY&mighty Winter Solstice 2016

TINY&mighty Winter Solstice 2016/ photo credit: Yoo Mi Lee


TINY&mighty – dance to empower tiny people
TINY&mighty is a community dance project offering tailored workshops to empower young children (& parents), their care givers as well as organisations, kindergardens, community initiatives, educational insitutes and children festivals.                                                           To book a workshop or course and to discuss your needs please email: sarah.k.gardiner@gmail.com


PRESENT                                                                                                                             CLASSES STARTING @ReMo more info: here

TINY&mighty For big tiny people to celebrate their physical body and instinctual nature through movement, voice and somatic play. We explore our senses, saying hello to Space, Rhythm and Touch and how all this can lead into our dance: solo and together. Gathering attention in a group circle and directing into dynamic pathways helps keep a collective focus. We end with the power of being seen – where the children are free to be performer or audience. TINY&mighty supports every child to feel at home in their body, play with autonomy and nourish group relationship through a dialogue of dance. Whether we move together or our little ones follow their own path, we stay present to each sound and movement, all welcome as dance partners. A fun and safe oasis for child and parent … a little piece of the village we all seek!

” more than just a dance class …”


TINY&mighty is led by dance artist and mother Sarah Kate Gardiner and has evolved with the generous and wise feedback in dialogue with engaged parents & toddlers. First born as a mama & baby group in 2014, co-initiated with mother/theatre maker Jasmin Hasler. It’s grown with workshops for toddlers & carers and a 3yr course for the youngsters of Het Speelateljee and their carer Olga Middendorp. Previous guest artists; musicians Hobe Lasai, Marc Nukoop and artist Maria Lepistö & The Animal Sound Society Choir. In late 2018 TINY&mighty was referenced during Olga’s Childrens Rights lecture at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Since 1995 Sarah Kate co-creates community dance projects that aim to resonate with humanity, collaborating with people 0-70 yrs, beginners and experienced, from all walks of life. She has a diploma in Youth Theatre Leadership, directed two youth dance companies, and led dance projects for many youth intitatives, working with young children and teenagers, including underpriviledged youth.