The Touch Symposium: ONEskin

The Touch Symposium: ONEskin
From Massage Into Movement
With Sarah Kate Gardiner

A guided journey through nourishing kinesthetic touch – from massage into movement.

Sarah Kate Hand

 ONEskin A workshop exploring qualities of touch. In partners we cultivate generous hands that ‘meet us where we are.’ We focus on dissolving tension in tissues, muscles and joints, each touch an invitation to engage and actively surrender holding patterns. From this embodied experience we intuitively move with grounded awareness what calls to be moved, as our parther-witness holds a safe space. In the zone of inter-connective tissue we, the group, finally merge as one body to surf the seamless ‘one skin’ of body and space.

For: all levels of experience whom are committed to engage with the material offered


The Touch Symposium
A 12 Hour Program of Touch & Somatic Practice In Movement

An act of skin activism, a call to revolt by simply coming back to our basic instincts through TOUCH here & now

In this time of tactile isolation; encoded as it is in the so-called communication revolution; we have been dramatically plunged into a solitary exile of screen presence and deferred life. One might say that we, consciously or unconsciously, touch our devices more frequently than our loved ones and, as a result, are directly affecting our collective state of health and general well-being.

After all, we humans are tactile animals; touch is recognising one another, touch is inspirational, ancient and modern, medicinal and peaceful above all. To link the silent knowledge of the ancestral body with the joy that emanates from the spirit of our mere existence, is to initiate the new rebellion that will bring us back into healthy relationships with others; from skin to skin, from heart to heart in respectful awe for the human life.

The Touch Symposium celebrates our deepest knowledge of communication, our original need for touch. It claims our right to move about freely, developing a deep knowledge of (self) healing through touch and movement.

What is the Touch Symposium?
A full day of advanced bodywork movement workshops. The day is divided in time with generous breaks, where we may enjoy delicious food and divine non-alcoholic beverages made with the Heart of Home ReMo. Physical work will be altered with space for relaxation and, there will be moments of live music, readings and combined video projections.

This practice has nothing to do with sexual content. We will investigate touch strictly under therapeutic, emotional and artistic principles. Avoid participating if you do not follow these lines. When signing up you commit to respecting the safe space, together we create this field of awareness. We are here to work with people who want to connect to in-depth knowledge.

For Whom?
For anyone interested in body work involving subtle forms of touch and movement regardless of their level of experience.

When and where?
Saturday 14th March. From 12am to 12pm. Studio ReMo, Slijperweg 7. Amsterdam Noord.

How much does it cost?
€100 (including food). Pre-registration required.

What participants need to bring?
Comfortable clothes and two towels, one big and one small.


Self-massage workshop // Manuel Artiles

ONEskin: From Massage Into Movement // Sarah Kate Gardiners

Shiatsu: where is it lacking where is it charged? // Martina Gudmundson

Group Manipulation 5.1 // Javier Murugarren

A Movement Practice In Touch // Ria Higler

Last Touch – Sound of the Skin // M. Ali Çağlar Erdoğan

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