The Cleaner

Energetic House Cleaning For Sensitive Sponges In Overwhem                                                                                                                                           In Corona times many are forced to sit with our unwanted stuff:                                       those festering piles in the corner of our eye-room-attic.                                                    An impossible mountain to climb?

Answer the door.

The cleaner has arrived.

Your faithful and ruthless servant with razor sharp intention and precision aim.                   Blow the dust off what’s holding you back.

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 10.58.15What do your piles represent? Invited to your own kitchen table for tea, together you distill mantras that hold you in sabotaging loops. Meet, dissolve and bust through blockages. Safely release stuck energy to reclaime, expand and nourish your living space. Co-create a personalised road map. Procrastination need not be your final destination. The Cleaner guarantees a dedicated service.


The Cleaner                                                                                                              Thorough. Efficient. Leaves no trace.                                                              Single/multiple sessions. Fair rates. Corona proof.


Concept & performance: Sarah Kate Gardiner                                                                Advice & support: Martina Gudmundson