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6 Songs Performance series Spring/Autumn 2012                                                             Martin Luther Kerk, Amsterdam  NL                                                                               Concept & direction: Monique Cornwell (UK/CH)                                                                Colllaborating dancers: Leon Beckx (NL), Charles Darius – voice (US), Sarah Kate Gardiner (UK), Sylvain Meret (FR), Marije Nie (NL), Manuella Tessi (IT), Mojra Vogelnik-Skerlj (SI)

                                                                                                                                            6 Songs is unique research project into voice, movement and dance resutling in a series of on-going performances. A purist form of theatre where the human voice and body are the only tools for creating a subtly shifting landscape of sound. We invite you to sink to a deeper level of listening from where the beginnings of stories and song take form. Songs are playfully unpicked to threads of warm drones and tones. A sound is plucked from the existing space, building to a new aural tapestry where 6 performers create an orchestra of 6 songs that wrap themselves around each other, diving, swerving, supporting and dissolving.  The skilled improvisors and their sounding body move from this carpet of frequencies and vibrations, making for a dance full of presence and poetry. Allow yourself to become captivated by the ever-changing textures of mutliple layers of tones, text and dance. You will hear songs from Italy, Slovenia and Old England and perceive the Song of Movement!




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