Instant Composition Practice


INSTANT COMPOSITION PRACTICE Utrecht & Amsterdam – monthly                  – The monthly IC Practice continues with no leader, but with a clear format of warm-up, flow, open scores and verbal reflection.
–  a self-organised group where we jump straight into the IC mind set and live experience!  –  a supportive platform for improvisation students and professional dancers/performers dedicated to the practice of Instant Composition, to exchange with peers, to grow in the art form and contribute to an ever evolving maturing practice.

To join the IC Practice individuals are required to already be engaged in instant composition through regular training and workshops OR be of a professional level. If this is not the case, and some one shows a keen commitment to join, they are welcome to contact us and they will be invited to the sessions as an observer and grow their participation from there.
The direct experience of watching, witnessing and verbal reflection is an integral part of the work and important for everybody to grow in the practice, therefore can be a useful way to enter the work and develop understanding.

(New) dancer/movers are welcome, to take part please send an email to:
Musicians are welcome to take part under supervision of Marc Nukoop, please send an email to                                                                                                                                                                           The initiative Instant Composition Practice is steadily growing a reputation for nurturing a vibrant dance improvisation scene in The Netherlands. We endeavor to keep a line and quality of work through a dedicated approach to practice and reflection, engaging students and practicing artists from the field of improvisation. The core facilitators are Iris van Peppen, Marc Nukoop and Sarah Kate Gardiner. The ICP was initiated by Marisa Grande & Iris.


IC UTRECHT EVERY LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH                                              Please check Agenda.
Time: 16:30 -19.30
Cost: € 10                                                                                                                   Address:  Studio 3, Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3 Utrecht
No registration, just show up on time!                                         


NEW! IC AMSTERDAM please check Agenda.                                                          Time: 18.15-21.00                                                                                                               Cost: €5-€8/ dependent on number of participants                                                              Address: Studio 4.02 or 4.05 CREA
Nieuwe Achtergracht 170
                                                                                                   Amsterdam                                                                                                                          More info/ new comers: email




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