Instant Composition

Since 2001 Sarah Kate has an on going research & performance practice in Instant Composition developed through her own workshops, performances and working with and learning from her much respected colleagues; Iris van Peppen, Marisa Grande, Makiko Ito, Maria Mavridou and influential teachers; Pauline de Groot (mentor), Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck and Katarina Bakatsaki.

On the invitation of Iris & Marisa, along with musician/dancer Marc Nukoop, Sarah Kate was one of the core facilitators of their initiative Instant Composition Practice Amsterdam & Utrecht. From 2013-2017 she had the pleasure to guide workshops on different themes around IC and became a regular facilitator of the monthly ICP. Sarah Kate continues to hone her skills as an improvisor and presently creates instant compositions with toddlers and young children through her community dance project TINY&mighty and with dancers, students, performers and bodyworkers.



Instant Composition Practice Amsterdam & Utrecht








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