Don’t Step On My Aura

Don't Step On My Aura








Don’t Step On My Aura  – solo                                                                                         1 November 2006                                                                                                   MUSEUM NIGHT, Horse Move Project Space, Amsterdam NL                                    Choreography & performance: Sarah Kate Gardiner                                                            Live music: Erik Mckenzie, Javier Murugarren, Sasha Bloem


A figure emerges from amongst the art hanging on the whiter than white walls of the Horse Move Project Space. Slow shifting body postures observing and ponder the art in a dance of off centre twists, turns and back bends. Her path playfully circles the space repeatedly from inside the building to out, in a merry-go-round dance with her entourage of three musicians. Flute, drums and percussion follow hot on her tail, weaving poetic sounds under her heels. In a spilt second she dives into a tiny opening in the shiny vinyl flooring, disappearing under the whiteness into absense of air, light or orientation. Now things get real interesting, as the title of the piece comes to life and public shout directions at the underfloor shape in motion.  This undulating landscape navigates between and around the art installations, until finally a figure is spat out at the doorway to a burst of applause.  Don’t Step on My Aura is a dance solo up-close and daring to the point of near suffocation.


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