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As a choreographer and performer Sarah Kate Gardiner enjoys teasing the who, what and where of dance, who is it for and where it should be seen. Her big passion is for site-specific work, in its purest sense, creating choreographies, structured and open scores tailor-made specifically for a location. She is attracted to develop new audiences for dance by presenting her choreographies in unusual settings. She has performed and show cased her work at Arts Festivals across Europe, especially the UK, The Netherlands, France, Austria and Finland, at Oerol Theatre Festival, PUNCH! Festival for New Choreographic Talent, Cinedans Dance Film Festival, Festival Over Het Ij, Festival Dans La Rue, Spoffin Street Arts Festival, Culturele Zondagen Festival, Utrecht Danst Festival, Oudot Kuviot New Dance Festival, Embodiment Festival, Year of the Artist, Summer Arts Across Portsmouth Festival, Caen Peace Festival, Shore Lines Literature Festival, International Womens Day Festival, One World Festival, Prime Movers Dance Festival,


To date her site-specific productions include such locations as: castle, supermarket, dunes, forest, war memorial, museum, library, fountain, hotel, playground, cafe, park, cloister, ferry, tunnel, shop and art gallery. In her approach she peels off layers of what already is and juxtaposes familiar routines and gestures with abstracted movement that have their roots in everyday life. A collector of scraps; forgotten moments, movement crumbs and leftover gestures. Dancers walk into trees, contact duets are vacum packed against a window, fish is traded for a neighbour’s best moves and 16 and 60 year olds meet in dance dialogues. In her collaborations Sarah Kate tickles the boarders of performer and spectator, where the dance lasts as long as it takes to make soup and the audience wash their own dishes.  Her choreographies for public space make visible that which is sometimes subtle and overlooked, often served up with a cheeky twist. Dancers dissolve from performer, to pedestrian to inanimate object blown across a square, performers shape shift, time is suspended and what and who is performance/r  keeps the audience on their curious toes.

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