Movement Workshops

Sarah Kate Gardiner’s workshops are tailor-made for professionals, advanced students, beginners and mixed level. They are carved from her years of experience in teaching and making dance since 1995 with and for diverse communities, each of whom have been and continue to be a blessing ingredient in shaping the work. In practicing the art and raising the profile of site-specific performance, dance/contact improvisation and instant composition she wishes to draw attention to the artistic value of these fields. Further more heightened and enlivened by their relevance to daily life and potential for empowering and connecting people to self, other and ones immediate environment.

The workshop language, rich in its source, is inspired by her training and experience in 8Hoops Spiral Training, instant composition, Improvisation, release technique, choreography, Capoeira, contact improvisation, martial arts, energy work, body-mind relations, contemporary dance and her research in group dynamics. Regardless of the level of student and the focus of the workshop each individual is guided to align with their core power first and foremost. In practicing our craft we can stimulate a climate for personal development and wellbeing which, in turn, can support and accelerate the learning process. From this state of awareness students are guided to create movement beyond the labelled expectations of skill level, age or cultural background. Ultimately this potential for transformation is what holds an attraction for many, whether that be to participate directly or be witness/audience to this unfolding in the setting of a workshop or performance.




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