Touch IN Motion

Touch IN Motion                                                                                                                 Somatic Dance Workshop for bodyworkers & massage therapists                                         With Sarah Kate

ever felt the bubbling of a dance duet rising from your massage table?

how would it feel if you allowed the smallest of detail of touch & weight shift to

expand into movement?

Touch IN Motion A workshop for bodyworkers … A duet for two and more that can give you direct somatic feedback about your own state of tension and holding, and further, through your own empowered playful inquiry, lead to support and release.

We begin with a simple Chi Kung warm-up and self-massage to cultivate and balance our energy. Once aligning our body-mind connection we work in partners on the ground with simple bodywork exercises for releasing tension and creating space.  From a place of deep sensing, sharpened listening and witnessing of the human body we allow the rhythm of light touch and subtle weight shifts to become a two way exchange in a dialogue of dance with people, floor, wall & space. Each surface as somatic feedback on our inner landscape of muscle tone, joint and tissue tension. We follow the rebound of release into pathways of motion, pathways that spiral out into the body of the studio for expansive playful expressive movement.


* centering & grounding

* kinesthetic touch

* the floor as masseur

* fun contact duets & group flying

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Sarah Kate Gardiner is dancer, teacher, choreographer and bodyworker with 23 years experience of  tailor-making workshops for diverse groups, from beginners to professional dancers. For Touch IN Motion she draws on her experience in release technique, developmental movement, instant composition, contact improvisation and massage.