Udflugt  Summer 2005                                                                                                       Oerol Location Theatre Festival Commission                                                                      Director: Vera Maeder                                                                                                           Performers: Udflugt Company & guest Sarah Kate Gardiner                                                 Sound: Saskia Habermann

Each audience member is drawn further along this one hour trek by a series of surprising installations amist a forest, dunes and beach. With stimulations from sound, text, images and meetings with performers, a non-fictional play within reality starts to challenge and mirror each person’s perception and view on the world. From listening to the sounds of a sleeping picnicer, being led blind folded to bed to be fed a palatte of tastes and smells. Around the corner an old school type writer beakons a new author to insert another sentence of a story and further along the winding path a lonely figure seduces each arrival to body surf down the highest sand dune. At the end of the path one finds their own bike with instructions for a village tour, accompanied by a sound score to bring them to the beach for a unsuspecting finale!

The remodelled fabric of perception leads to the open question of how reality is created and what reality is? The embodied experience of the audience becomes the performance.

‘Udflugt’ was especially created on location for Oerol Festival’s International Program.

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