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  with Sarah Kate
The Way Of Touch 
Welcome to my practice for Holistic Massage & Bodywork in the heart of Amsterdam’s Jordaan, where I offer you hands that meet you where you are. Tailored treatments that are characterised by a clear, firm, nuanced touch, as I work with dynamic pressure to support your body, muscles and connective tissues to release: blockages, muscle tension, stress, stagnation and to further aid natural alignment and healing. Always
in respectful dialogue with the response of both the physical and emotional body.
The ultimate aim is to help YOU to: drop into YOUR body, become fully present,
create inner space and leave you feeling
deeply nourished
& nurtured.
Myofascial Energetic Release is a theraputic treatment for releasing trauma and chronic physical and emotional pain stored in the body. What is MER? Check here.
Nomadic Chair Massage for an on-the-spot relaxation booster delivered to your door/office/festival!
“hands that meet you where you are”
*The Way Of Touch Treatments
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*Holistic Massage                                
Tailored treatments unique to the needs of each & every guest, a full-body experience with warm natural oils (please inform us if you have allergies). Adjustments in pressure etc. can be made for your level of comfort. You will lay face down on a heated massage table wearing your underwear, fully covered with towels. Second part is on your back supported by cushions. During your private consultation we atune to what is present and calling for attention in your body. Together we set an intention and focus for your treatment that can be deeply relaxing, energising or a combination, informed by :                       

Classic Swedish Massage – the art of touch & relaxation with Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction & Percussion                                                                                                      Deep Tissue – a strong but gradual pressure using techniques that focus on and dissolve problem areas of tight muscles & chronic tension                                                           Thai Massage – a focus on acupressure points to rebalance your energy & assisted dynamic stretches for flexibility

  • HOLISTIC MASSAGE. Tailor-made treatment. Full-body + warm organic oils.     Treatment undressed in underwear, on a heated massage table.
  • 75 MINS MASSAGE + 15 MINS CONSULTATION & TEA                                             INVESTMENT: 90 MINS SESSION = 85€  (inc. BTW)                                         Payment by Tikkie or bank transfer
  • *Important: Please inform us of any injuries, health conditions or allergies.
  • APPOINTMENTS BOOK NOW! via WhatsApp: +31 (0)615 461776 // email: // website: https// //            instagram: thewayoftouch


*Myofascial Energetic Release (MER)  

Myofascial Energetic Release (MER) is an integrative, deep form of bodywork, practiced with skillfull integrity and acute sensitivity.  Myofascial Energetic Release has the capacity to alleviate acute and chronic physical pain, simultaneously treating somatic expressions of emotional and mental pain. It was orginally created and developed by Satyarthi Peloquin.

Myofascial Energetic Release invites the recipient to Pro-Actively Participate in direct engagement  with her/his/their own innate healing power. MER is a synergistic, dynamic dance of energy, weaving together:

a full Body-Reading

deep & soft connective tissue and joint manipulation

myofascial unwinding

assisted stretches

verbal cuing

conscious breathing

trauma/ emotional release.

Learn more here.

  • MYOFASCIAL ENERGETIC RELEASE. Theraputic Treatment undressed in underwear on a heated massage table. With organic body wax. 
  • INVESTMENT: 90 MINS SESSION = 130€  (inc. BTW)                                         Payment by Tikkie or bank transfer
  • *Important: Please inform us of any injuries, health conditions or allergies.
  • APPOINTMENTS BOOK NOW! via WhatsApp: +31 (0)615 461776 // email: // website: https// //            instagram: thewayoftouch


*Nomadic Chair Massage

* A relaxing/rejuvenating 25-minute session delivered directly to your door/office/festival!
* Mix of the most effective massage techniques from Eastern & Western bodywork.
* Following a health intake, your staff/guest will be seated on an ergonomically designed massage chair, adjusted to their height and size for optimal comfort.   
* The treatment focuses on the back, neck, head, arms & hands to give relief and general relaxation.
* Benefits, contributes to: better body awareness, posture, relief of headaches, RSI, aids better sleep, boosts general well-being and mental clarity
* Research shows a chair massage program leads to better health for employees, fewer sick days, fewer on-the-job injuries, and improves workplace morale. We can also provide a beautiful setting for a delcious massage for your guests at your party/event/festival.

  • NOMADIC CHAIR MASSAGE. Treatment is clothed on a ergonomic massage chair.
  • Each treatment is 25 MINS // minimum bookings of x4. For a quote please email us.
  • *Important: Please inform us of any injuries or health conditions.
  • BOOK NOW! via WhatsApp: +31 (0)615 461776 // email: // website: https// // instagram: thewayoftouch



  • OPEN EVERY Monday: 8:00-16.00 // Wednesday eve: 18.00-22:00 // Saturday morning: 9:00-11:00 (other days & evenings available by arrangement)
  • ADDRESS: Orly’s Aroma & Massage Therapy, Lijnbaansgracht 32 A-H, Jordaan, 1015 GP Amsterdam

All treatments are guided by 28 years experience of working with the body, I am forever learning to listen more acutely to who and what is present and ultimately to follow my intuition in silent dialogue with your body’s response. Who am I?

* * *


        “Some people read books – I read people” 

     Sarah Kate is an english masseur, dancer, performer, teacher, choreographer, theatre maker and mother. With near on three decades of working with the body, movement and touch, her passion is to connect people to themselves (and others). She tailor-makes massage treatments and movement workshops/performances for all ages and experience, holding space for every story that arises. She has had the joy to perform in projects and teach her workshops in Europe and beyond.

Her second calling emerged having trained many forms of massage (Deep Tissue, Detox, Thai & Pregnancy) with her Thai boss, Prakay Vichapa, who was born into a family of masseurs and founded their own school. Six years+ in a busy massage house deepened The Knowledge and fine tuned her intuition and skill for reading energy. Her hands have touched 1000s of people from all walks of life, from professional body builder to burnt out office worker. Sarah Kate is a passionate practitioner of Myofascial Energetic Release and contiues to deepen her studies. Holistic bodywork holds great potential for self-realisation and self-healing. Every touch she offers is an invitation along this path …

Please note: The Way Of Touch holistic treatments are intended for deep relaxation and well being, although they have many health benefits they are not intended as a replacement for medical care. Diagnosis cannot be given. Please be sure to inform us in advance if you are: pregnant, have or previously had any physical/mental health issues, injuries, surgeries, allergies or skin complaints. If you have any serious physical or mental health conditions please consult your doctor or health care provider.

Thank you x

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BOOK NOW! via WhatsApp: +31 (0)615 461776 //

“hands that meet you where you are”

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I have reached such relaxation that I have entered the world of dreams.
She goes into inner layers where she finds and releases deep tensions.
… how good it feels that she knows how to read exactly what my body needs.You forget the feeling of time and space until you magically
return to the real world. Thank you Sarah Kate!
~ Javi, artist, performer, bodyworker


Sarah Kate offers a treatment that feels wholesome and nurturing.
She understands that massage is a form of communication, an exchange of energy, focused on bringing balance and restoring the body. She tunes in and is very conscious of what your body needs. It is not a mere sequence of actions & movements, it’s truly a healing experience, handled with care & respect. I can recommend her treatment to the fullest.
~ Annemeijn


A fantastic experience, the touch, the way, the space, the smells … everything, just fantastic.
~ Eric, writer/author


It feels like it is the first time in my life that someone has               understood my pain.
~ Lady of 75yrs young


I still feel the positive effects weeks later … it’s the gift that keeps on giving!
~ Vera, musician & mother


























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